Feb 3rd

Love Yourself

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5 Ways to Practice Self Love

February, The month of LOVE <3
And no I’m not talking about romance here – we’re talkin Self-Love.


Eat Healthy

Food is how the body gets nourished. It is directly correlated with our health. Spending a bit extra on healthy, organic food is worth it because you deserve it. At the end of the day what matters the most is that you are feeling good because you are taking care of yourself.

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 11.50.18 AM

  • Purchase organic produce
  • Eat those greens!
  • More fresh smoothies
  • Cut down on meat, processed foods & dairy
  • Eat complex carbs instead of simple carbs (click here if you don’t know the difference)


Treat Yourself

Again – you deserve it…
Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 11.53.42 AM

Yes, treating yourself to a tasty dessert can feel rewarding, however try to look for dessert that have other nutritional benefits. Eating pure sugar and empty calories will only lead to headaches, tummy aches and other unwanted side-effects, which will only make you regret your decision later. That’s not really treating yourself after all!

Sweeten up your mornings by adding chocolate chips with oats (find ones made with stevia – which is a plant-based sweetener). Here is a link to my favourite vegan choco-chips. Try baking sweet potato fries for dinner and dipping them in hummus.

Treat yourself to a chocolate banana and peanut butter smoothie (using raw cacao powder and organic PB).

You get where I’m going with this…


Pamper Yourself.Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 11.58.19 AM

Maybe this means taking a long bath with some candles,lavender oil and a glass of redwine or maybe it means booking an appointment for a massage. Whatever it takes to wind-down and give yourself some quality “me” time – do it!Let’s say once a week this month you do something for you that makes you feel chipper and rejuvenated.

Let Loose

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 12.03.51 PM

You’ve been working hard lately and (even if you haven’t) you are entitled to a good time. So if that means hitting up the dance floor with some friends or catching seats at a Raptor’s game, don’t hold back from expending some of that energy. Why don’t you dive into your creativity and take on a new instrument or DIY craft? We all need our outlets, so take some time to slow life down if it’s moving too fast. Let’s listen to our buddy Eckhart and live in the NOW.


Meditate on the Reg’Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 12.07.41 PM

This is probably the nicest thing you can do for yourself. If you are not already doing consistent meditation sessions, this can seem like a daunting task. However, science has proven how meditation is undoubtedly beneficial to our brains. It helps us to deal with stress, anxiety and taking on daily tasks at our highest capacity. If you’re a beginner take a look on YouTube for some Guided Meditations, or throw on some of your favourite artists that you find therapeutic.

Meditation is free and it connects you to your divine self – what more can I say?

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