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At Laya Spa & Yoga we are inspired by the Ashtanga approach to yoga.  We offer more therapeutic  group yoga classes including Restorative however our focus is mainly on private classes. The private classes we offer can can be of any modality including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa etc.


Here we synch our yoga practice with beautiful melodies and sounds of reggae, world music, and classic hits to mellow Chill Out remixes and gentle sounds.  Our classes are always accompanied by music to inspire you; but don’t worry, we keep the volume pleasant – your asana practice won’t be bombarded by too much sound.

Our group classes are suitable for all levels.  They are small (no more than six per class), which allows our teachers to be more available to each student, versus a larger class where it can be difficult to keep eyes on everyone all the time.  It’s a unique variation to today’s modern yoga class and we’re happy to be able to offer it.

Hope you join us on the mat!


Wednesday  7:30pm Aroma Restore
Thursday 8:30am – Morning Flow

7:30pm Thai Restore

Sunday 7:00pm | Thai Restorative (60min) Louisa (October – May)

* Classes are pre-registered. Please give us a call (no less than 2hours in advance) to reserve your place on the mat!

Yoga Cancellations

As we are a small studio, and in consideration of our other students, please allow four hours notice for a yoga cancellation.  Less than four hours notice or a no show will unfortunately result in an additional class charge at our single drop in rate.  Your notice will allow us to fill the cancelled space with students on our waiting list.

Please find below a full description of our classes: We welcome all levels of practice to all of our classes

Aroma Restore – Louisa Pucci

Aroma therapy and restoration. The use of aroma has proven itself to be mentally, physically and emotional therapeutic. Deepen your practice and move into a calmer you with the practice of restorative yoga and a different aroma each week. Heal deeply from within.

Thai Restorative – Louisa Pucci

Your teacher takes you through a journey (or release) and builds on the class by adding inspiring words and soothing music.  Restorative class is beneficial to those who have built up stress and anxiety, have chronic tension in the body, have been in an accident, or to those who have an injury. Our teacher introduces a variety of Thai massage techniques to deepen your practice. It is important to maintain a healthy balance of our nervous system that always seem to be on overload. The connections of the central nervous system are calmed, allowing for better sleep,  clearer thoughts, and both; better energy and quality of life.

Flow Foundations – Leslie Beharry

Special Class $12 per class (Cash Only)

This class warms you up from the inside out! Exploring Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutaions, flow! What ever you prefer to call it) and deepening each Asana in between. The flow class offers the opportunity to integrate body movement through the foundations of Yoga. Where does it all begin? How do we work from that place? Come find out!

Morning Flow – Alisa Donkers

A morning flow designed to awaken and bring flexibility to the body, mind and senses.  Alisa ties together her knowledge of traditional Hatha, vinyassa, Thai massage, essential oils and Pranayama (breathwork) to create a balancing and energizing practice.  The class will begin with a small meditation and Pranayama.  Afterwards we’ll move into a heating  flow, transitioning into deep stretching and of course ending in a delicious guided relaxation.   The class will be appropriate for both beginners and intermediate students.   

Flow Deep – Alessandra de Oliveira

Special Class $12 (Cash Only)

Yoga is different for everyone. This class offers your the opportunity to delve DEEP into your own practice. What do you need to take your practice to the next level. Understand your body more, explore movement and your body patterns. Each individual is build differently and so we move differently. Here you will be given tools to work with for your body and a better understanding of why your Asana looks different. This is a workshop-style flow class. Get ready to go deep.




Single Class $18.00 (Add Steam – $35.00)
5 Class Pass $70.00 (Add Steam – $105.00)
10 Class Pass $120.00 (Add Steam – $210.00)
20 Class Pass $200.00 (Add Steam – $300.00)
30 Day Pass $180.00 (Free Steam)

Unlimited Classes:

Special – 1 Months Unlimited $75 + HST (can only be purchased once, for group classes only)

One Year Unlimited: $800.00 + HST (For private classes only)

Month-to-month Unlimited: $80/month for a minimum commitment of 12 months.

Private Prices:
1-2 people:  $120

Private Parties:
3-4 People:  $140
5-6 People: $160

  • Option to select playlist from menu of choices
  • Option to select class Level 1, 2, or 3
  • 15 minute Steam included with private classes
  • Fresh juice of the day included with private classes


We support the Toronto yoga community by renting private space at reasonable rates to independent teachers and their students. We also have daily yoga for those who prefer smaller classes where you don’t have to fight for a spot to stretch. Our maximum size for every group class is just seven people.

Part of a natural prescription for beauty is regular yoga, which is why it’s complimentary in all our Day Spa Packages.

For studio rental information and rates, please contact our Spa Manager
admin [at] or by calling (647) 438-9032.