Lymphatic Cleanse Body Treatment (90 mins) New


This detoxifying treatment starts with a full-body dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system. A special blend of herbs are added to aromatherapeutic castor oil and is then applied to the skin. Lastly, and the best part, if we do say so, a wrap in a warm Mylar blanket while enjoying a facial mask and a soothing head massage. The treatment finishes with a full-body lymphatic drainage massage.

Can be performed by an RMT.

To have this service performed by Senior Esthetician Alessandra – price $145

*Enhance your experience by adding a 30 minute complimentary eucalyptus steam *

Eucalyptus steam —> Warms muscle tissue for deeper access to muscle release, relaxes the body, enhances sinus and breathing channels, increases circulation, detoxifying

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