Laya Steam Room (30 mins max) New


Since the days of the Roman Empire, several cultures have adopted the practice of “steaming.” Traditionally known as the Roman Baths, these baths were prime locations for many social events.

At Laya Spa, we offer a co-ed Eucalyptus Steam room. Wet Steam supports the human body in many beneficial ways including the relief of nasal and sinus congestion, warding off viral and bacterial infections, relaxes and relieves inflammation in your muscles, not to mention that it helps to increase blood circulation of the skin, aiding in detoxification and healthy skin cell production.

You’ll be happy to know that the pure and high grade essential oil we use helps to disinfect the room for a clean and sanitary space. We recommend no longer than 30 minutes for a steam.


**Included with all services over $100**

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