Michelle Doell | RMT

michelle D

I was inadvertently thrust into the world of massage at a young age. My mom’s best friend was an RMT and from my first massage at age 14 I was hooked. It wasn’t until I severely injured my knee and had reconstructive surgery that I realized how impactful massage therapy can be for recovery and good health as a whole. I’d been working for myself for 5 years in the auto industry and decided on a whim to finally go back to school. I gave myself over completely to learning and haven’t looked back since.
What I like most about being an RMT is how amazingly unique each and every client and their needs are. I love seeing progress, and having someone achieve relief or balance in their life through massage is such a rewarding experience. I love it when I have to analyze and formulate a game plan to treat a specific issue or injury for a client and we tackle it together to achieve a goal. This profession is fulfilling in so many ways that I’m constantly blown away.
In terms of treatment that I offer my favorite would be a sports massage. It’s incredibly effective treatment that can address a plethora of aches and pains (even if you’re not an athlete!). I like to mix in the sport massage techniques with some relaxing Swedish massage so that clients can relax while I work out the nitty gritty things that ail them.