Louisa Pucci | Yoga

Louisa Pucci  CYT  500hrs, Thai Massage Practitioner

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Louisa first discovered yoga in the mid 1990s, when it was skillfully integrated into her Belly Dance training. This transformative experience peaked her curiosity and led her to discover YogaSpace, which is where her love and dedication for yoga practice first blossomed.
Throughout 500 hours (CYT 500) of teacher training at YogaSpace, and several other advanced trainings with Doulas and Ayurvedic practitioners, her fascination with understanding the science of self­healing continued to grow. She continued to understand the powerful relationship between form and function, and how we may hone the interconnectedness between mind, body, and essence.
After using Thai Massage to treat a back injury, her curiosity was peaked and she decided to pursue further education and became a certified Thai Massage Practitioner at Thai Massage Toronto.
Louisa is passionate and excited to share her knowledge, experience and true love of yoga and Thai massage with anyone who is curious to try. Although she practices and teaches a variety of yoga styles, Louisa is most appreciated for her the practices she leads fusing her three passions ‘Restorative Yoga with Thai massage and Aromatherapy’. She delights in offering massage treatments that suit what is needed and preferred most, whether very mellow, restorative, soothing, dynamic, stretching or even a combination!
Whether teaching a yoga class or providing a Thai massage treatment, she aims to create a space where one may explore and heal the mind and body through movement, shapes, supportive props, and meditation. Her words are filled with messages of kindness, patience, and compassion, which will guide your inner journey and will carry with you off the mat.