About Aless


Alessandra De Oliveira
Owner & Director

Meet her today and she’ll remember you a year from now. That, and the best Brazilian Wax you’ll ever have are just two things that make Alessandra De Oliveira popular with clients at Laya Spa & Yoga.

A native of Brazil and long-time resident of Toronto, Alessandra combines beauty techniques from her hometown of Rio de Janeiro with the sensibilities of Ayurveda systemic-balancing, an ancient Indian tradition.

For a decade, Alessandra has built a reputation on relationships and making people feel comfortable as they beautify in her care. When she’s not with clients, she carefully divides her time between director and owner of the spa. This helps keep her close to the pulse of the community, the needs of her clients and top of the latest happening in beauty.

After eight years under the name “Spa Rio”, in 2012, Alessandra made the leap and opened Laya. With this newly realized dream, she is able to combine beauty, Ayurveda, yoga and Eastern philosophy in one, beautiful space.

Formally trained as an aesthetician through Seneca College in Toronto, Alessandra has also trained with Ayurvedic specialist, Andrea Oliveira. In 2010, after a growing love affair with yoga, Alessandra trained with Diane Bruni and Ron Reid to become a certified Ashtanga teacher at Downward Dog Yoga Center. Currently, Alessandra teaches daily Ashtanga classes at Laya – see her schedule here.

She updates her blog regularly, sharing beauty tips, links to recommended products and information about specials happening at Laya and in the community.